By now, you've probably seen the video of a ridiculously disrespectful woman filming herself verbally assaulting employees at a Florida Dunkin' Donuts. The Smoking Gun has identified this vicious shrew; her name is Taylor Chapman

Chapman, 27, visited the establishment on Saturday morning to complain about not being given a receipt the night before. Though she claims the employee neglected to give her a receipt and instead provided her with unnecessary attitude, it's difficult to picture anyone with a more disgusting disposition than what Chapman displays during the eight minute video.

Believe it or not, her behavior reaches a new level of ugly when she sees Nithi, the employee who allegedly didn't give her a receipt. She goes from being an asshole to a racist asshole by referring to the woman as a "complete c**** sand n***** whore" to another customer before hunting her down and antagonizing her, calling her a "sand n****" to her face and promising to upload the video, as if she's the victim. She even gets all 'merica on the employees, referencing "big fat Arabs bombin’ the Trade Center." 

Chapman is one of those people who thinks life itself depends on the comments she leaves on Facebook and other social media sites; as if the Earth must stop spinning because she's unhappy. People like this are so delusional, they fail to realize that they're in the wrong. Apparently, that "business degree" she earned from Nova Southeastern University that she won't shut up about gives her right to talk to people as if they aren't human. 

Her brilliant plan backfired, as people are firing her up in the comments section of the YouTube video, not the Dunkin' Donuts workers. People are also destroying her on Twitter. This could reach #AskDraya levels of bad. She's since deleted her precious Facebook page, and most likely ruined her miserable existence. That's karma in action.

[via The Smoking Gun]