Why can't people abandon bad television shows? Chat with any random person about which TV programs they routinely watch and you'll likely get a response prefaced by something like, "And I know it sucks, but I also watch…" That's how many people describe The Newsroom, The Following, and the majority of reality shows. It's as that disclaimer absolves the person of any attacks against their taste in entertainment.

Don't feel bad, though—everyone is guilty, especially us. Instead of reading more books or visiting museums, the Complex Pop Culture team made poor uses of countless hours watching the following worst TV shows of 2013 (so far), hoping that they'd get better and gradually hating ourselves more and more with each episode. It's the PC junkie's burden.

It's encouraging to note, though, that, while our list of the year's best TV shows so far had 25 inclusions, the following countdown of 2013's worst shows to date comes in at a much leaner 15. Which, yes, means that these shows are really, really bad.

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Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)