Microsoft has released an iPhone version of Microsoft Office today—but you'll need an Office 365 subscription in order to use it. If you do have a subscription, well, get ready to edit your Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on the fly. 

Though Office already exists on Windows phones (of course), this is the first time it has hit an iOS device. Some features are missing, like some formatting options and editing functions in Word, but the basics are there. Remember, you are on a phone. SkyDrive integration is a key component, as you can easily call up any document you have saved in the cloud. The app itself is clean, and makes use of the minimalistic design Microsoft has adopted in the past few years. Keep in mind, though it is missing features from the desktop versions of the programs, this is the first version of the app, so expect some more additions later on. 

Have Office 365? Click here to download the app.

[via Mashable]