Imagine the irony of being treated horribly at a restaurant called "Friendly's." Joseph Gibson had just enjoyed a Father's Day meal at Friendly's Sports Bar & Grill in St. Louis, Mo. when he checked his bill and noticed a line for "fuckin' needy kids." 

Friendly's typically only admits customers over the age of 21, but Gibson says he called in advance to make sure it would be alright to bring his young son. Friendly's general manager Denny Domachowski said he told Gibson it would be fine since he was in the midst of a Father's Day outing with the boy. 

Gibson had already ordered a meal for himself, but asked the waitress if she could bring out a chicken leg for his son. When he glanced at the tab, he saw a line for "1 FUCKIN NEEDY KIDS" which he obviously took offense to. Though Domachowski tried to explain that the waitress had forgot to remove a joke she made for the kitchen staff (like that was supposed to appease him), but Gibson was having none of it. 

Domachowski really attempted to defend his waitress, saying that "she didn't mean to offend" him and was simply "in a hurry and forgot to take that off." That's irrelevant—she meant what she typed and she went the extra mile to type it. So much for the customer always being justifiably offended.

[via Gawker]