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Shadow of the Eternals could very well not make its Kickstarter goal. Developer Precursor Games is asking for a total of $1.35 million in crowdfunding for this spiritual successor to Silicon Knights’ Gamecube cult hit Eternal Darkness, with just 17 days to go and under $120,000 collected as of this writing.

If the 12-installment episodic Eternals, which would be released for PC and Wii U, fails to hit its funding number, all donations will be returned, Precursor Games COO Shawn Jackson said in a recent Reddit AMA. Jackson also said due to lack of other funding models, a release beyond a Kickstarter failure is not likely.

Even with the additional funds Precursor has raised on their own site – around $157,000 – the situation isn’t looking great. That outspoken Eternal Darkness creator Denis Dyack is involved with Eternals may explain the seemingly low interest for the project. However Dyack’s ego has also often been the reason of his scrutiny in the press, which could account for why Precursor asked for over a million in funds to jump start interesting in a relatively unknown horror IP that’s over a decade old. Check Eternals’ Kickstarter here.