This news story actually contains the far larger surprise that Blockbuster is still a business that operates with shelves to stock. 

Second to that is their report that ever since Sony humiliated Microsoft at the beginning of E3, pre-orders for the PS4 have spiked like an opportunistic junkie in a Greyhound station men's room.

“In the wake of Xbox One’s record-breaking pre-order success at Blockbuster last month, the PS4 has received the same incredibly positive reaction, proving that the gaming industry is booming,” said the firm.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the amazing response to our pre-order service for both the PS4 and Xbox One."

“We’re looking forward to seeing the brand new consoles in our stores along with the latest games to buy or rent. 2013 has been a fantastic year for gaming at Blockbuster and its set to only get better following the announcements at E3.”

Huh, Blockbuster still has stores. Weird.

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[via VG247