They could have at least left a sign to let people know the floor was wet. An Upper East Side resident is suing a Bally Total Fitness Gym in New York City because he suffered a fractured shoulder after slipping and falling on what he called a "foreign white substance." We'll just call it semen.

According to Mark Moskowitz, the gym's managers know that "cruising and lewd behavior" occur in its sauna, locker rooms and steam room. Furthermore, his lawsuit alleges that "there was bodily fluids and other evidence of sexual activity wherever it occurred throughout the gym." His attorney David Grover says that Bally's actually trained a group to deal with the overload of semen, but now they simply leave soap and a hose  and expect people to clean up after themselves.

Moskowitz says that this behavior isn't exclusive to this specific Bally's location, claiming that it's "prevalent at Bally's across the country." If this is true, then the gym has a nationwide sperm problem.

[via Gothamist]