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Suda 51 rarely disappoints when it comes to originality in games, having a solid track record of crazy titles like No More Heroes (An Otaku lover becomes a professional assassin to support his anime habit) and Shadows of the Damned (fiery Latin demon hunter Garcia Hotspur and his talking gun go to Hell to rescue his girlfriend, followed by innumerable dick jokes).

Killer is Dead looks no different, starring an executioner in a slim business suit armed with a mechanized arm and katana (there's also a bit of Bond-esque seduction of women, too, but the jury's still out on how that exactly works). The real draw with Killer is Dead is the mind-blowing visuals ­– the game basically looks like interactive anime with the production quality of, say, a modern day Ninja Scroll, with intensity to match (or perhaps even exceed). Famitsu Weekly’s gameplay video below may not quite be the best quality, but you can still tell how amazing this game is in motion.

Don’t take my word for it. Check the video and get ready to be wowed.

Via Youtube