LG will release a new smartphone next year that will have support for always-on voice commands (think of it as an always-on Siri), according to new reports

You may be thinking, "Voice command? That's been out for ages now." Which, you would be right. However, what separates this from other voice command services is that LG plans to allow their system to control more everyday functions of the phone, allowing users to pan around the screen or scroll through a website. So far, Siri and other services can just open up an app, search, and retrieve info. One example of the new feature cites an LG operated phone telling Google Maps to switch views and move locations on the screen. One place this would surely come in handy is the car. It may make the experience almost entirely hands-free, wiping away the need to "turn-on" Siri, or the like, in order to speak to it. 

Let's hope LG is thinking about battery power at the same time. No use having an always-on phone that dies within an hour. 

[via Android Authority]