Jon Gosselin hadn't been in the news for a while until retailer Ed Hardy blamed the father of eight for their bankruptcy. He (in)famously wore Ed Hardy shirts on the show and in public, which the company claims made everyone hate them.

Gosselin called into VH1's The Gossip Table as a baby expert (not joking) to comment on the birth of North West, and caught us up on where he's been since 2009. He said that things have really "calmed down" since his year of partying, divorce, and lawsuits. Gosselin also reveals that he lives in the woods with no address because everybody knew where he lived and wouldn't leave him alone.

"That's really smart," one of the co-hosts says. What a great place to raise eight children! He also doesn't know how to respond to the Kim and Kanye news because he doesn't have a TV, you know, living in the woods and all. 

In case you're worried about Jon's Ed Hardy collection, he gave it all to his mother—lucky gal. Oh, and he'd love to do Dancing With the Stars. Just like Kate!

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[via VH1]