Django Unchained co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx will reunite in a very different setting this yearaccording to Deadline, the two are attached to star in Warner Bros.'s newly acquired film Mean Business on North Ganson Street, which is based on an upcoming novel by S. Craig Zahler.

The book, which is being shopped around to publishers now, follows the story of a "hardened" detective (who will be played by DiCaprio) who is shipped off to a tiny Missouri town where violent crime is on the rise, and paired up with an "equally bad-assed detective" (Foxx), who "was demoted for publicly brutalizing a suspect." When police officers start turning up dead execution-style, the two work together to solve the crime.

The script was also written by Zahler. In addition to starring, DiCaprio is attached to produce the film, alongside Jennifer Davisson Killoran.

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[via Deadline]