Even though Intel doesn't plan to unveil its TV streaming behemoth until later this year, that hasn't stopped the company from making big moves. Reuters is reporting that Intel is "offering to pay as much as 75 percent more than traditional cable rates."

Viacom, NBC, ABC, CBS, News Corp and Time Warner are all in talks with Intel to provide content on the TV service. More from Reuters:

Media companies typically give better prices to operators with more viewers, such as large cable companies, and charge higher prices to smaller or newer entrants. Since Intel's TV service has yet to start, and therefore has no viewers, it can expect to pay a premium ... Intel sees the living room as a potential battleground, where its advanced chips, used in set-top boxes and to power "cloud" data centers, can give it an advantage and help set the standard for other home entertainment products.

Money talks, indeed.

[via Reuters]