"As far as movements go, it takes so long for us to develop muscle. And, on top of that, if we're developing muscle, we almost need to be in calorie excess. At that, we can gain maybe a pound of muscle a month. So it's a little bit too late to look at gaining muscle, but what we can do is put our bodies into a perpetually "pumped" state."

"To do that, I'd focus on high repetition and lower weight and tight movements, as far as bodybuilding style. As much as I'm a Crossfit guy, if it's all about aesthetics and looking good, let's bodybuild. Let's go back to a bodybuilding style mentality. Instead of playing in the 8-12 rep range, I'd like to play in the 15-20 rep range, especially because we're going to be reducing all of these other things in your diet. So, I would play with 3 or so sets of 15-20 repetitions."

"Pick a couple body parts you want to hit. Chest, shoulders, and tri[ceps]s one day; back, delt[oid]s, and bi[cep]s the next day, and legs the next day. I'd find a split like that for a couple weeks, and after that, I'd switch to a push and pull split, like a chest and a back push and pull. I'd do a vertical push and pull, like an overhead press and a lat pull, and I'd do a horizontal push and pull. And then I'd do another legs day. So, I'd keep changing up the splits like that. That just pumps the heck out of the muscles. It keeps them somewhat perpetually pumped. Obviously, they'll be incredibly pumped for 30 minutes post-exercise, but then after that, they'll be somewhat pumped for 24-36 hours. At least it's going to make them appear fuller."