Network: ABC
Air dates: 1991-1999
Stars: Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson, Earl Hindman, Jonathan Taylor Thomas

It's hard being a man, right, men? Tim Taylor's (Allen) non-stop chauvinism is jarring, to put it mildly, in Home Improvement. In ten minutes of one episode (Season 1, Episode 20), Tim mocks his wife's suggestion that they go the opera, dismisses his wife's attempts to help him build a bird house, claims the women shouldn't be working on cars because men don't work on washing machines, and mocks a woman's weight. Sure, once an episode, Tim gets some kind of comeuppance for his failure to "understand women," but he uses a steady stream of crass, sexist humor to get there.

Allen's latest series, Last Man Standing, continues in uncomfortable defense of what he perceives to be male culture. A look back at Home Improvement reminds us that Tim admits he's wrong about ten percent of the time he should, and he isn't half as sorry as he should be for his behavior.