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The SMS Cash Cow is Dying, Chat apps may be making carrier-provided SMS messages obsolete. One of the many reasons may be because chat apps are completely free no matter where you are texting from. (4/29)

Steven Soderbergh Is Using Twitter to Write a NovellaAlthough his account is currently unverified, and has only a few thousand followers, Soderbergh has already tweeted the first seven chapters of Glue. It's an impressive output from the acclaimed auteur. (4/29)

The First Major Label Release Using Bitcoins is an EDM Project, The electro-duo Knife Party's third EP Haunted House will be available for purchase with bitcoins. (4/29)

Twitter Testing Official App for Glass, With Google Glass on the horizon, Twitter has officially started testing how users will tweet through glass. (4/30)

Vine Brings Back the Selfie With Front-Facing Update, Vine officially started supporting iPhone's front facing camera, allowing users the ability to up their selfie game. (4/30)

New CEO Plans to Take Sirius Beyond Car Radio, The newly appointed CEO, Jim Meyer plans to expand Sirius radio to include automated safety and security pending a deal with Nissan Motor Corp. (5/1)

Rap Genius Announces News Genius for Breaking News, End of World Nears, Though it's unclear what exactly the feature will offer, co-founder Mahbod Moghadam urged the audience to follow its Twitter account @newsgenius for a better idea. So far, News Genius appears to be rolled into Rap Genius and postulate on news from all eras. (5/1)

Two Artists are Selling the Smudges on Their iPads as Art, Bringing new meaning to the phrase: people really will buy anything. The artists took fingerprints embedded on the touch screens and turned them into expensive art. (5/1)

How to Disappear From the Internet, Believe it or not it’s actually possible. Find out how to erase your past, and yourself from the Internet. (5/2)

Instagram Adds Friend-Tagging Feature, It was only a matter of time before Instagram took a note from Facebook and added friend tagging capabilities. That day is finally here. (5/2) 

Choose Your Friends: Nintendo's Miiverse and the Decline of Facebook, The moment of the all-inclusive social network is dying, now that the promises of seeing your whole life turned into a series of pics, posts, and messages can be seen for the impossibility it always was. (5/2)

R.I.P. Hotmail, We'll spare the harsh words since Hotmail just passed, but suffice it to say this day has been a long time coming. Hotmail never excelled in search, and when Gmail came out, it sort of revolutionized the way we use email. (5/3)

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