A 10-year veteran of the Edison Police Department's Internal Affairs Unit was arrested for allegedly firebombing his captain's home early yesterday morning. Authorities believe Officer Michael A. Dotro either threw a Molotov cocktail or blew up a gas can outside of Captain Mark Anderko's home where he lives with his wife, two kids and 92-year-old mother. 

Though Anderko and his family escaped without harm, the home sustained severe damage. 

Dotro was charged with five counts of attempted murder and a count of aggravated arson. He'd previously been suspended for allegedly stealing a squad car as a prank and for police brutality. In both incidents, he was cleared. In 2008, he was accused of attacking his 68-year-old neighbor; both men were charged with assault and acquitted. 

Hating your boss is nothing new, but what could he have done to make you firebomb his crib with him and his entire family in it? That's so reckless.

[via Gawker]