Director: Pedro Almodóvar
Stars: Antonio Banderas, Antonio de la Torre, Hugo Silva
Release Date: June 28

Writing and directing a film as perverted, dark, and psychologically exhaustive as 2011's The Skin I Live In has to be emotionally and physically draining—why not shift to a lighthearted romp for your next feature? Acclaimed Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar (Talk to Her, Volver) seemingly felt the same way following The Skin I Live In, as is made clear in his next effort's title alone: I'm So Excited.

Set on an airplane that's stuck in the clouds due to technical difficulties, it's a hedonistic and hilarious ensemble piece that includes, in no order of importance, a mystic who's trying to lose her virginity, a businessman's suicidal side lover (Paz Vega), drunken stewardesses, and, just for the hell of it, a song-and-dance number set to the Pointer Sisters' 1982 dancefloor classic "I'm So Excited." Sounds first-class to us.