When in doubt about how a joke or innocent actions may be received, it's best to just hold back. If North Marion High School teacher Jonathan Hampton had exercised better judgement, he probably wouldn't have gotten suspended for three days without pay. Hampton, who was once named Teacher of the Year, was harshly reprimanded for allegedly touching a female student with a banana during a discussion about phallic objects. 

The lecture was about the "Freudian implications" of Miloš Forman's classic film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Though the incident happened three months ago, the girl only came forward last week, saying she was humiliated when Hampton rubbed her head and neck with the banana. 

However, Hampton's attorney Mark Fiedelholtzwho also happens to be his stepfathersays the ordeal has been greatly exaggerated. According to Fiedelholtz, Hampton simply tapped the girl with the banana to get her attention. Since the explosion of controversy, he's completed his suspension and returned to work.

His return to the classroom must've been awkward. Extremely awkward.

[via Gawker]