Yes, it happened: Girls got an adult film parody. Really, it was bound to happen at some point - 30 Rock got one, The X-Files got was only a matter of time before one was bestowed upon Lena Dunham's monster hit of an HBO series. 

According to Vulture, the parody is called The Ain't Girls XXX, and it's described as an "extra raunchy" version of the original series. As adult film star Richie Calhoun, who portrays Adam in the parody, puts it: Because the show is already full of sexual situations, "they didn’t have to do much" but use original scripts and just extend sex scenes.

A description, via XBiz:

In the XXX parody, Hannah (Alex Chance) decides to forsake men, and boyfriend Adam, to experiment with lesbianism. After a few satisfying jaunts she returns to Adam — and mankind.

Adam accepts her back into the fold, but, true to the original show, adds a dominant and quirky dimension to the scene.

“[Adam’s] like, ‘OK, then crawl to my fucking bed,” Calhoun said, explaining how the action begins.

The ensuing sex involves mild BDSM with a sprinkling of strange: In addition to dirty talk and rough sex, Adam uses a candy ballgag attached to a stretchy cord to direct Hannah’s face towards him.

Before you ask, yes, Girls creator and star Dunham has already heard about the parody. She took to her Twitter to share some of her not-so-excited feelings about it:

Will Dunham take this life experience - having an adult film parody made about your hit TV show, of course - and somehow write it into next season of Girls? We'll see.

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[via Vulture]