If someone had asked you in 2003 whether you were a fan of the television show Arrested Development, your most likely response would've been "Huh?" Though it was nominated for a slew of Emmy and Golden Globe awards (and even managed to pick up a few), the off-the-wall dysfunctional family comedy, narrated and produced by Ron Howard, never found its audience when it was actually on the airwaves.

Like many great shows before it, after it and some still yet to come, Arrested Development was discovered by the masses at home—on DVD, iTunes, and via frequent airings on IFC. Which makes its resurrection as a Netflix-exclusive series—a full decade after its debut—seem all the more appropriate.

As the Bluth family's legion of fans get ready to queue up the brand-new fourth season this Sunday, we're telling you everything you need to know about the show, its characters, and major plot points to get in on the streaming action, even if you have don't know what a never-nude looks like.

While it's highlighy recommended that you do consume the first three seasons in their entirety, here's Everything You Need to Know to Watch the New Season of Arrested Development.


This feature is part of Arrested Development Week at Complex.

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