There's just a week until the new season of Arrested Development lands on Netflix, and the execs at Fox are probably kicking themselves right now. They canceled the critically beloved cult series in 2006, and now it's one of the most innovative and anticipated premieres of the year.

David Cross, who plays Tobias, hasn't been shy about sticking it to Fox. "The networks were still behind in figuring out how people were watching TV," he said. "They were still in that antiquated way that started in the '50s, with a Nielsen box."

Netflix's approach is, of course, completely different, and Arrested Development is sure to be their most-streamed title when it arrives. But Fox apparently treated the little show that could as a burden.

"The worst thing that happened to Fox was Arrested winning the Emmy, cause they had to keep it on," he said. "They didn't have any real guts… but it's a business [and] they're not in the business of putting out great TV, they're in the business of making as much money as they possibly can for Rupert Murdoch."

Yikes! Fox just blue themselves. All 15 new episodes of Arrested Development hit Netflix on May 26.

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[via Digital Spy]