Tonight, after nine seasons, the doors to The Office will close forever. The hit NBC comedy—which outlasted its British predecessor by seven seasons (an intentional move by original BBC series creators Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant)—will wave goodbye, Scranton-style, as the show's biggest questions are answered: Will Jim and Pam stay together? How many beet dishes will be served at the wedding of Dwight and Angela? Will Andy serenade the happy couple? What gem of a one-liner will serve as Creed's final declaration?

The most debated question, of course, is whether Michael Scott—the Pennsylvania paper company's former Regional Manager—will show up. Since the show's finale date was set, questions have swirled around a final appearance by the World's Best Boss. While showrunners noted that it was unlikely, reports have surfaced that Steve Carell was indeed on set in the final weeks of filming.

The show has certainly maintained its zaniness since Carell's departure—perhaps even more so. Will Ferrell's four-episode stint as incoming boss Deangelo Vickers was particularly entertaining, as was James Spader's recurring role as head honcho Robert California. But when Michael Scott fled to Colorado for love, he took much of the show's heart with him. 

To find out whether Scott will make one final inappropriate joke or awkward speech, you'll have to tune in. In the meantime, we're sharing The 25 Best Michael Scott Moments on The Office, in GIFs.

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