Owner: FOX

Though Murdoch's influence on U.S. television is undeniably vast, as he is the owner of 27 American TV channels, one of his channels in particular will likely be remembered as having the greatest impact, for better or worse.

Fox News has dominated cable news since shortly after its 1996 inception. The channel was broadcasting eight of the top-10 cable news programs as of the mid-2000s, and it was the first channel to threaten broadcast networks in terms of political event ratings.

Fox News's success has come about largely due to their polarizing coverage. We've all heard the charges before: turning down microphones, distorting facts, and even doctoring images of dissenting figures. Though the methods are undeniably unscrupulous, they're also undeniably successful.

Fox News remains a rating behemoth, and they have done so by pushing a brand of news that prefers sensationalism to facts. Its style of programming has changed news forever: Since the invention of Fox News, cable news has become a destination to hear like-minded viewpoints, and we have Murdoch and compatriot Roger Ailes to thank for that.