Recent advances in technology have made it easier to cultivate multiple relationships. Back in the day, all you had was a land line and that extra apartment near work to help coordinate your numerous liaisons. With texting, email, Snapchat, and every other tech medium available, you can now multi-task your flirtations and dalliances. There are even dating websites that will help you arrange an illicit affair.

Just as the forward march of technology has enabled you to be a better scumbag, modern advancements have also made it easier for your girl to catch you red-handed. Any amateur cheat knows how to delete text messages and incriminating photos, but there are ways that you can get caught with your e-pants down that you didn't even know about. Don't let her sleuthing skills take you bu surprise. Here are 10 Surprising Ways She Can Use Technology to Catch You Cheating.

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