Imagine two grown men playing an elaborate game of Tag across the country. Awesome, right? Now imagine those two dudes being none other than Will Ferrell and Jack Black. Whoa, hey, keep it in your pants.

The idea for Tag Brothers is based on a Wall Street Journal article that was recently won by New Line Cinema. As the story goes, a group of middle-aged friends from Spokane, WA spent the entire month of February trying to get their hands on each other all in the name of not being "It"—and all while maintaining their personal and professional obligations.

It sounds like a comedic winner, but it's not set in stone yet. Ferrell and Black's involvement hinges on an epic screenplay (to be written by Mark Steilen) that hopefully won't be as disappointing as some of their most recent films, namely Ferrell's The Campaign.

We can see it now: high speed chases, ridiculous booby traps, home invasions, and more crazy hijinks!

[via The Wrap]