Maybe our Korean is a little rusty, but perhaps something got lost in translation? Nintendo of Korea has been the latest offender of Tweeting themselves into a scandal painted corner.

Nintendo of Korea's Twitter account threw a nasty insult at TV weather reporter Eun Ji Park (pictured above) by calling her a "brainless bitch." The anonymous Twitter hater apparently cited Park's fame in Korea (she's more than just a weather woman, she's a bit of a celebrity beyond the news hour) entirely on her looks.

"She should have just stayed as a TV Meteorologist. Getting all the work done on her face like that. How come a brainless b***h like you gets the entire spotlight? Who is your sponsor? TV... sigh ..."

Wow. Stay classy, dick. Granted the Twittersphere isn't exactly bubbling over with good mannered souls, it's still a very public social network that keeps a record of all the dumb shit that leaks out of people's brain holes. It should also be pointed out that 'sponsor', in the Korean sense of the word, implies that Park is also on the bank roll of a sugar daddy; a 'sponsor' being pretty much the same thing over there.

So, sexist as well? Nicely done anonymous, soon to be former employee of Nintendo of Korea. Nintendo has denied any involvement in the incident and has instead insisted that the Tweet had ended up there without their knowledge. Park's legal team are currently exploring all of their options.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts.

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[via Kotaku]