This bearded, honey voiced gaming shaman has officially won the Internets for the next few days. Seriously, this is so good.

Meet Smooth McGroove, an a capella singer that has taken a moment from slaying at local beard competitions, to create this homage to one of the best Mega Man titles. This amazing rendition Mega Man X's Spark Mandrill theme is just the thing to get your morning started. This handsomely hirsute bastard has also given Castlevania, Final Fantasy VII, and Wind Waker the same treatment. 

Also, are we the only ones still obsessesd with Mega Man X Street Fighter? We hope not. Watch this and head over to McGroove's YouTube channel to check out the rest of these elven fluted renditions. Let us know what you're thinking.

[via Spark Mandrill Acapella]