After being arrested thanks to some solid detective work by a Gawker commenter, the man accused of beating and robbing a woman at the F train station in Borough Park, Brooklyn has been hit with several charges. Ten of them, to be exact.

21-year-old Aidan Folan was arrested on Wednesday after video of him attacking 55-year-old Dina Perez in March emerged. A quick-thinking Gawker commenter found Folan's Facebook page, where the name "Stugotz" was seen. The name was also on the Alpha Phi Delta hoodie Folan wore the night of the crime, making it criminally simple to identify him. Stupid criminals always get caught.

In addition, Folan's fraternity brothers are the ones who gave him up to police. "Being human beings, we felt compelled to do that," one of them told the New York Post after watching the video. The man, who declined to give his name, referred to Folan as "a member in bad standing." He was given the hoodie during the lone year he spent at St. Francis College.

Folan will face charges such as assault, robbery, grand larceny and menacing. He was also arrested on Jan. 12 for marijuana possession. 

[via Gothamist]