Decals have been a cheap and easy way to personalize your Macbook. There's a lot to choose from: some feature Batman, Snow White, Homer Simpson, or even the Cookie Monster—and many take advantage of incorporating the bright white Apple logo in the lid's center. But, these stickers can be bought by anyone from anywhere for about $5 each, so how can you make your Macbook yours? Simple: by laser-cutting it.  

For $260, (for more elaborate designs, expect to drop up to $780)  you can send your Macbook to Uncover, and they'll laser-cut your Macbook lid with a custom design that will glow just as the Apple logo does now. If you don't have a Macbook, you can purchase one directly from Uncover and have your design cut before you receive it. The company offers pre-made designs, but why even consider that when you can make yours truly unique?

One look at their gallery, and you know these guys are serious about their work. So, get to drawing. 

[via Gizmodo]