After lengthy divorce proceedings that lasted a year and a half - in other words, substantially longer than their 72 day-long marriage itself - Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are officially divorced. 

According to TMZ, the marriage was dissolved today by the judge in their case, and it was a major win for Kardashian and her lawyer: Humphries, who was originally demanding $7 million from the reality star, walked away with nothing, and his request for an annulment based on fraud was denied. Each party will also pay their own lawyer fees.

Humphries was also reportedly a no-show at a hearing last week, and the judge was going to slap a financial penalty of some sort on him for it until Kardashian interfered and asked the court to drop it. 

The settlement will beome final once both sides sign the papers, but that seems to just be a formality since the judge congratulated Kardashian on the dissolution. Humphries was reportedly not present in court today either.

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[via TMZ]