In This Is the End, otherwise known as the film with the best cast ever, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Jay Baruchel, Emma Watson, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Aziz Ansari, Jason Segel, Paul Rudd, Michael Cera and a myriad of other celebrities face the possible end of the world while attending a party at James Franco's house. How's that for a great premise?

We've been hearing about this film for just about a year now - it began filming last summer in New Orleans - but now we finally have the first full-length red band trailer to give us a better idea of what to anticipate from the film. As expected: Everyone portrays themselves in a hilarious manner, especially Rihanna. Unexpected: Emma Watson is a certified badass, and "Hermione just stole all our shit," might be the best line we've heard all week. 

A teaser trailer was released yesterday to promote the film, though in the spirit of April Fools' Day, it was stylized as a fake - but still hilarious - Pineapple Express 2 commercial. 

This Is the End is set to hit theaters on June 12. You can check out the red band (read: NSFW) trailer above.

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