There's not really a way that anything produced by Michael Cera, Sarah Silverman, Tim & Eric, and Reggie Watts could be disappointing, so we weren't too worried when we initially heard about their new YouTube channel JASH - and it looks like we were right to put faith in them, because their new short, Brazzaville Teen-Ager, is pretty great.

The clip, in addition to starring Cera, is actually Cera's directorial debut - but don't expect the kind of hipster-esque, indie fare that he normally stars in, because that is not at all what this is. Based off of the 1966 story by Bruce Jay Friedman, the short follows the story of a young man (Cera), who sets out on a journey to aid his sick father, who has long been distant with him. Kelis is involved, along with Das Racist's Heems, but we won't spoil just how - trust us, it's worth the watch. Charles Grodin and Jack O'Connell also star.

You can check out the clip, which clocks in at just below 20 minutes, above.

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