Mega Man should be bigger than he is. The character and the franchise have always had a notably difficult time finding a way into the current generation of consumers.

Sure, there have been Japanese exclusives and the very kid-centric Mega Man Zero series, but as far as becoming an enduring property like some of his contemporaries, he's fallen dreadfully short. Imagine what could have been done with the character had Capcom released Maverick Hunter, a planned first person shooter title that would have re-imagined the character for today's audiences.

Sure, reboots are now a totally viable way to reinvigorate a property. This could have been one of the few times that a reboot was not only welcome, but long over due. Looking at this footage from the 2010 cancelled title, it seems, would have given the world a much grittier, adult version of the blue bomber. Head over to Polygon for the full story and check out some of the screens and video of the game in action.

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[via Polygon]