Matt Thompson: "Our actors have lots of other projects, so they're often traveling. We record them wherever they happen to be. They all record by themselves. We get them over the phone or using this service called ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network).

"Usually Adam Reed and Casey Willis, our line producer, direct the actors during the recording session. If Adam isn't available, I'll step in for him.

"Some actors run through just their lines, and some prefer that you read a scene with them, as if you were rehearsing the dialogue from a play. Some actors prefer to get the gist of their lines and then read that line three times in a row with three different attitudes.

"However they choose to do it, they read, we give them feedback, then they read again. H. Jon Benjamin and Aisha Tyler usually have the most lines. But even then, they're still done in about an hour and a half."