This Friday, April 5, Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park will return to theaters, now with 3D effects. Even 20 years after its release, the film still looks great—these 3D extras won't be necessary, but trends must be obeyed.

Do you remember the first time you saw the film? Was it in theaters, with your parents? This writer was, and the experience was unforgettable. Nothing had ever looked so real. I can recall too many of the scenes and snippets of dialogue. If I need to get the attention of a room, my first thought is to bellow, "Quiet, all of you! They're approaching the Tyrannosaur paddock." But I don't, because I'm not crazy.

The dino epic left an indelible mark on me, informed so many of the games I played with friends, the ways I tried to scare my little brother. Setting a younger sibling on edge by describing the raptors stalking through the kitchen late at night, when said sibling wants to go downstairs for a snack, is practically a duty for children of the JP generation. How do you remember the movie? What lessons did it impart?

Here are 25 Ways "Jurassic Park" Defined Your Childhood.

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