Amidst the tangled mess of work, grad school, or whatever it is keeping you twentysomething busy these days, it's hard to keep your humanity in perspective. We know. So, we're here take you on a little brain vacation to a simpler time—a time when you didn't have to check your cell phone every two minutes, a time when the name The Blue Barracudas really meant something to you, a time when you wouldn't have even been able to access this article in the nano-second it took you. We're talking about the years of your childhood, the 1990s, possibly the last decade in human history not to be defined by the Internet and information overload.

Just like technology, we know your hopes and dreams have evolved, but if you think about it, your childhood wishes have the stayed the same. Reminisce, smile, and calm the f*ck down with these 25 things every '90s kid wished they could do.

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