Played By: Walton Goggins

With the charisma of an evangelical minister, the schemes of a career hustler, and the swagger of a good ol' boy, Boyd Crowder is definitely one of the best villains on television right now.

Boyd might also be the single largest contributing factor to Justified's sustained success. It's hard to believe, but showrunner Graham Yost and company originally planned for Boyd to be a one-off character. Early drafts of the pilot, titled "Fire in the Hole," ended without Crowder making it out alive. Goggins—who signed on as a favor to his friend, and Justified's leading man, Timothy Olyphant—tested so well with audiences that he was brought back for more.

It's hard to imagine Justified without Goggins. It's equally difficult to imagine Justified without the complex serialized plot-lines that tie together each rollicking season, which Crowder kicked off. If he hadn't stayed around, the show may have kept doing one-off, villain-of-the-week episodes like they did during the first half of season one. Not only would we not know Boyd, but Mags Bennett (Margot Martindale) and Robert Quarles (Neal McDonough) may not have been a part of the show either.