Played By: Heather Locklear

Amanda Woodward was the product of a ratings gambit that paid off big. After a memorable first season guest spot on Melrose Place, in which she managed an underwear account and hit on a tennis star, Heather Locklear was promoted for season two. And following a huge ratings boost, accompanied by her newly minted series regular status, Locklear's character became forever synonymous with Melrose Place.

She was even brought onto the ill-fated recent Melrose reboot in a far less successful ratings ploy. Woodward lived that baller lifestyle men and women alike secretly envy. She had a high-powered job, seduced whichever man she wanted, and took out anyone who was dumb enough to get in her way. The scheme and sex-filled plot-lines earned Woodward a spot on TV Guide's list of "Best TV Bitches," which, if it were about men, would have been named something like "Most Awesome Male Characters," or "TV Characters Ever Man Wants to Be."