People go to parties expecting to be fed and fed well. Put out some celery if you'd like, but expect your next gathering to have a lame turnout. Be mindful of the folks you've invited and the guests they may bring with them. Don't offend the vegans by having nothing but hot wings and a cold cut platter on the table, but make sure you have hot wings. People love hot wings.

When it comes to the booze, if you opted out of BYOB format and are providing the alcohol for your guests, introduce us to your liquor sponsors. You can't just have beer and think that your eclectic mix of friends are going to be okay with that. You need to have beer, wine (both red and white), vodka, rum, and a myriad of chasers. Equal opportunity drunkenness should be your goal for the guests.

There is always a picky eater and a poser wine connoisseur in the group. You won't have the time, energy, or patience to listen to them whine, so do your best to keep food and drink in their mouths, so you won't hear any of their bullshit.