Some people like to eat burgers without bread just to cut down on the extra calories. Nick from Dude Foods decided to take it one step further, crafting a bacon double cheeseburger without any bread—it's almost entirely composed of cheese (aside from the meat, obviously).

This "breadless bacon double cheeseburger" is basically three cheese-melts with "regular bread cheese" and "smoked-bacon-flavored bread cheese." In between, you'll find two 1/3 pound beef patties topped with cheese and six pieces of bacon. 

Nick broke it down:

After I was done eating my burger - which was completely amazing in case you were wondering - I was talking to my buddy Curt and he decided to add up the amount of calories in it, which according to his calculations is 4,300. Upon hearing that I immediately came up with the genius idea of heading to the gym to start burning some of them off. I don't know what exactly the burger did to my body, but I was already sweating before I even got there. After 15 minutes on the treadmill I was an absolute mess…. If you ever eat a 4,300 calorie cheeseburger DO NOT go to the gym immediately afterwards. This may be common sense for most of you, but apparently for me it isn't.

It's cool to get creative with your food, but 4,300 calories?

[via Gawker]