Nobody's Perfect is a new regular series where one member of the Complex Pop Culture team will revisit a great, beloved TV series looking for the the occasional misstep. If there's a particular series you'd like to see get the treatment, shout it out in the comments.

As with any intimate relationship, the connection that exists between viewer and television series can be a complicated one. Like any loved one, the television characters we come to know best have the ability to trigger a range of emotions—glee, despair, surprise, fear, anger—allowing us to love them and hate them in equal parts.

In the history of television, few shows have engaged viewers as passionately as David Chase's The Sopranos, the story of a New Jersey mob boss with mommy issues. (OK, so it's a bit more complicated.) Steeped in nihilism and based in the psychotherapy process, the show—which ran for six seasons on HBO between 1999 and 2007—has been cited by many critics as one of the greatest series in the history of television. And with very good reason.

But television is art. And art, like life, is often full of imperfections. Which means that The Sopranos is not without its flaws (even if you need to squint to see them). From specific episode moments to series-wide observations, here are The Sopranos’ 25 Biggest Flaws.

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Written by Jennifer M. Wood (@j_m_wood)