Date: March 2012
Location: Boulder, CO

You have to appreciate college kids who really know how to get it in. Last year, because St. Patrick's Day fell on a Saturday, an apartment complex near the University of Colorado at Boulder threw what attendees would call the Party of the Century—at least until that Sunday morning hangover kicked in, or until this year. A BroBible tipster explained that this apartment complex throws ridiculous parties on Halloween and St. Patrick's Day (just about every six months), and this smorgasbord of debauchery lasted for a good two hours before the police finally arrived and were greeted by rousing chants of "Fuck the police!" After that, everyone spilled into the streets and someone was reportedly playing the bag pipes right in the thick of things. One look at the pictures will bring back memories of Project X and you won't be able to get The Throne's "H.A.M." out of your head.

The most interesting facet of this story is that, prior to the festivities, every student received the following email from the Office of the Dean of Students titled "Tonight":

"This St. Patrick's Day: Root for the Buffs. Party safely. Look out for each other. Get home alive and well.

Brought to you by the Dean of Students and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs."

Is he a realist or an enabler?