Each year on March 17, people gather to celebrate Saint Patrick, a celebrity among the patron saints of Ireland. What began as a feast has devolved into a 24-hour period—or in some cases, an entire weekend—of intoxicated, moronic behavior. What would Saint Patrick say about people doubled over in pools of vomit, or fighting each other during drunken train rides?

Today is Saint Patrick's Day, which means folks across the country will celebrate by donning green, then guzzling green beer and copious amounts of Jameson. There will be fights, there will be blood, and there will be arrests. We can say this with confidence because, without fail, people go too hard on St. Paddy's Day. Sometimes the results are hilarious, other times they're tragic.

Before you observe the holiday, reflect on the 25 Most Ratchet St. Patrick's Day Incidents. Don't let it be you.

Written by Julian Kimble (@JRK316)