Game: NBA 2K Series

Shaq has maintained a sort of gaming legacy and by that we're not talking about his 1994 fighting game Shaq-Fu.

In the NBA 2K series he's an absolute monster in the paint who backs down defenders as well as he cleans up the glass. We know what you're thinking he was a monster in real shit, but one of the rare knocks on his game was that he sometimes lacked focus. Mental lapses are irrelevant in video game sports because you the user control the stars and therefore Shaq is limited only by your skill as a gamer.

Another knock on his game was his free throw shooting but because video games still lack the common sense of even basic coaching minds (cough, Isiah Thomas) you never had to deal with the hack-a-Shaq strategy. This meant you got to stress Shaquille's strengths without suffering any of his weaknesses.

It made him an absolute force. How good was he? Imagine Wilt Chamberlain playing against a bunch of inferior and shorter athletes.


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