Sometimes, people struggle with letting a relationship go. So, in their desperation and bitterness, they do absurd things—like ordering pizzas from four different places in their estranged spouse's name.

Last year, Bryant Smith's wife filed a restraining order against him. She recently informed police when she began randomly receiving emails and calls from local pizzerias regarding 18 pizzas. Police were able to trace the orders back to Smith.

According to police records, the 47-year-old Smith did about four months in jail last year for harassing his wife via phone calls and he has other pending charges after being accused of slashing the woman's tires in December. 

It sounds like he's a particularly bitter dude, as the Chicago Tribune reports that he muttered "bitch" and "spit on the floor" in court in reference to his wife while the charges against him were being read. It's time to move on, dog.

[via Chicagoist]