Tragedy struck again in Chicago this morning after a six-month-old girl died after being shot while her father changed her diaper. According to NBC News, Johnylah Watkins passed away earlier this morning and her father, 28-year-old Johnathan Watkins, remains in critical condition.

An unidentified shooter reportedly ran up behind Watkins as he bent over to change her in the passenger seat of a van. Watkins was struck on the right side of his face and in the buttocks, while the little girl was shot five times—in the lung, liver, bowels, shoulder and thigh. Witnesses say that at least ten gunshots were fired.

Judy Young, the child's mother, had recently married Watkins. Just seven months ago, Young's knee was grazed by a bullet while she was still pregnant with her daughter. According to Chicago Police, Watkins has known gang affiliations.

Pastor Brooks offered $5,000 for information about the shooter. This latest tragedy comes after homicides in Chicago dropped last month, and on the same day that Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy spoke about the success local authorities had in reducing crime.

[via NBC News]

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