Brad Pitt's zombie thriller World War Z was supposed to come out last December, but instead, the entire third act was rewritten by Prometheus scribe Damon Lindelof and reshot in Budapest.

"Can we take this genre movie and use it as a Trojan horse for sociopolitical problems, and what would the effect on the world be if everything we knew was upside-down and pulled out from under us?” Brad Pitt asked The Hollywood Reporter over a year ago.

Indeed, the new trailer just released by Paramount plays up the political angle (Pitt's character works for the U.N.), and all those desert helicopters make it look more Zero Dark Thirty than 28 Days Later.

World War Z is based on the novel by Max Brooks, which is put together as "an oral history of the Zombie War." In the movie, Gerry Lane (Pitt) travels the world to try and find a cure for the zombie virus and save his family and the world. 

Early reports from the plagued production don't bode well for the finished product, but it could still be the blockbuster summer hit Paramount is hoping for. What do you think? 

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[via Filmonic]