Here's a message for all of the creepy, super-pervy bosses out there: You will be dealt with if you harass your employees. 22-year-old Manhattan resident Amanda Gonzalez is suing her former boss, Richard Simon, for sexual harassment. Gonzalez claims that during the time she worked under Simon, he went way over the line. The most egregious incident occurred when the 73-year-old Simon allegedly kissed her hips and breasts, then felt her crotch through her pants while saying "I can't wait to eat it" in the creepy old guy voice.

Following Simon's inappropriate display last March, Gonzalez called the police. Although Simon pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual abuse, he wasn't sentenced to jail time or required to register as a sex offender. However, Gonzalez claimed that Simon was foul from the very beginning, asking her whether or not she had a boyfriend and her opinion on abortions during her interview.

Gonzaelz has also accused Simon of forcing her to model clothes for him, and referring to her as "chesty," "voluptuous" and commenting on her "big butt." That's revolting.

[via Gothamist]