With Spring Breakers (in limited release this weekend), sultry young stars Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashey Benson and Rachel Korine will have audiences recalling their favorite spring break fantasies.

Many of these fantasies have been shaped by MTV, which began broadcasting its spring break coverage in 1986 (from Daytona Beach) and over the years has redefined what spring break is all about. Attractive, toned college kids humiliating themselves in front of their screaming peers—that would about summarize the standard MTV Spring Break craziness.

There's a common theme in Spring Breakers the movie and MTV's Spring Break: The kids are short on cash. In the film, the girls fall in with a very sleazy James Franco; gunplay and tragedy ensues. Just think how different it would have been if, instead of Franco, they had met up with Pauly Shore, who would (of course) have a camera crew and a dozen cans of whipped cream?

You don't really have to imagine—we're about to show it to you. Here are the 25 craziest moments in MTV Spring Break history. 

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