We already know Seth Rogen guest stars on the upcoming season of Arrested Development, but up until now there's been no indication as to his role. Kristen Wiig was revealed to play a young Lucille (Jessica Walter).

Rogen spoke, albeit briefly, at WonderCon about his role in the cult comedy. "I worked with Kristen Wiig. That's all I can say. It was really fun to do that."

Does this mean he'll play a young George Bluth, Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor)? Rogen wouldn't say. He joins a slew of season 4 guest stars, including John Slattery, Conan O'Brien, and Isla Fisher

"It was bizarre, but yeah it was fun," Rogen said. "I actually have no idea whatsoever," he said of the fourth season as a whole. "And Mike [Cera] hasn't even told us. We asked."

Rogen stars in the upcoming This Is the End, which he directed with his friend Evan Goldberg. They also wrote 2007's Superbad together.

"He told me a little something," Goldberg said.

"Don't say it!" Rogen stopped him. "They're super secret."

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[via Spinoff]